Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Post: "Knowing God - but Walking on My Own."

If you are new to this blog,
then you may think I had a ‘jailhouse conversion’.
But that wouldnt be the truth.
It would explain why I speak of God frequently,
but the truth is that I was saved by Christ before I ever went to prison.

You see, I knew God and I enjoyed His blessing in my life.
However, I wasnt really following Gods call.
I was living for myself first,
and God was farther down my list of priorities.
Did He then punish me for not following Him?
Absolutely not!
Instead, God allowed me to continue walking on my own.
And He gave me the powerful gift of “choice” & “free-will”.

As a dad now myself, I understand this better than before.
I find that I often let my daughter make her own mistakes
so that she can learn, and hopefully seek my input first next time!
The difference is that sometimes people get hurt,
and then we question God for His allowing ‘bad’ things to happen.
What I learned though,
is that even in the darkest times of pain and despair,
when we feel our most vulnerable and alone,
He is still with us.
In fact, God never left.
It may not seem like this at the time,
and by experience I have learned that we often wont see His hand at work
until a considerable time has gone by, allowing hurts to heal,
and Gods plan to more perfectly unfold.

The biggest choice for me then, after the car accident...
was whether I would walk in how God was calling me.
I now put the same question to you;
Are you living for yourself first?
Or are you continually seeking God,
elevating Him to first priority on your life?

Even if your are “unavailable”,
Gods plan will still unfold as He wills it.
But... you wont be a part of it.

Instead, He will use someone else.

How do you want to live?
Seeking God for His answers, aligning your life with Him?
Or looking for your own answers and reasons for living?

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