Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Post: “How We Connect With People Matters”

Do you ever feel as if you might “miss-out” on something
when you make time to help other people?

Another writer has a good series going on this topic;
it is based on the “Fear-of-Missing-Out”,
and you can read about it HERE.

The idea is that we ‘protect’ what we fear to lose,
even if there is nothing else ‘standing’ in front of us currently.
Let me give an impression of this in another way...
What amount of time do you set aside for helping others?
Do you perhaps volunteer each month?
Or do you go on a “missions-trip” for a few days each year??
When you step out to help others, does it matter who they are??
Do you set aside more time for family & friends than strangers?
If so, why??

Let me be clear, helping people, no matter who or where, matters.
But often we seem to think we only have so much to give,
before we will run out of our resources,
and will be unable to regain our current, or a better position. 

But is this what God asked us to do?
To protect our time so we can use it in only the ways we determine?

My wife used to drive 3-hours, one-way, to visit me in prison for two-hours.
Then she would turn around and drive home alone.
Thats an eight-hour day, for which she received no tangible benefit in return!
You might question her motives,
or perhaps her sanity in taking the time to see me,
but here is the catch... it made us both feel better,
and Jesus called us to do this! (Matthew 25:36)

Now lets try something, my grading own system- 

  • visit with someone in person, no distraction for one hour or more: A+
  • visit with them, but monitor your cell phone: C
  • call them by phone, giving undivided attention for 30 minutes or more: B+
  • call them by phone, but remain engaged in watching television, the internet, or texting another person at the same time: D
  • email a long letter: B-
  • write a long letter and mail it: B
  • text someone, or leave a response on their social media: C-
  • think about contacting that someone whom God has put on your mind: F
    • (thinking about it does no good for anyone)

Do you want to make a difference in another persons life?
Be there with them, in-person, focused.
You may be surprised what you get in return from the experience!

“When we open our hearts and reach out to others in kindness,

our brain releases endorphins—the morphine-like chemicals

that produce the feelings of exhilaration known as the “runner’s high,”

writes Clinical Psychologist Dr. Janae Weinhold.


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