Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Post: "How I Connect With Others"

Lately I have been writing about ‘connection’,
what I believe is one of the most important foundations for following Christ,
as it helps determine how effective we are at sharing Jesus with others.

My favorite way to connect is in person;
1) by mentoring & coaching men;
I do this on a regular basis, sometimes three hours each week,
so that I may have a continual influence to share Gods truth in anothers life.

2) Another way I connect in person is by volunteering;
I do this as a trainer/coach, and by serving the homeless.
These can be very rich times as I watch a light turn on in another persons eyes.
However, these can be short-lived as these instances are often transactional-
through brief prayers together,
or one-way through a class I teach.

3) Small Group settings;
these allow me to connect with multiple men at the same time.
Here I am part of the group, normally learning much more than I ever can offer.

4) Writing letters to prisoners;
it may sound time consuming, but it isnt.
To take 30-minutes, twice a month to write a letter is a small investment,
but it can plant the seed so needed in a time when their “value” is under attack.

5) Calling men each week;
I can spend ten minutes, or two hours in conversation.
The reason I do it is to let them know I care,
and that more importantly... God cares.
It is easy to get caught up in our own lives,
the busyness of a schedule and the tasks to fulfill it.
But making time for someone else does more than you can imagine,
it plants a seed that God allows to grow,
producing a harvest we could never hope to accomplish on our own,
because it reminds each of us of that which is most important:
knowing God, His love for us, and living for Him, continually.

6) Lastly, I write this blog & Tweet;
mainly about ideas around connection, inspiration, and leading,
especially through times of difficulty or confusion.

And thats where Satan is so subtle and effective;
through suggestions that take us off track,
by giving us distractions from our true worth and purpose,
which is to love God, love ourselves, and love others.

How do you connect with others?

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