Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Post: "My Purpose Here Is To..."

Connect people to one another, and
to connect people to God.

Before I went to prison,
I could see this discontent in people everywhere,
and I could sense that people want to be more connected.

I knew from my own experience
that my connections with others was often shallow.

Loneliness can be a terrible disease which affects everyone,
but without God, we slowly die inside when lacking purpose in Him.

See, I knew God and I believed in Him, yet even then...
I didnt want to put in the effort to build our relationship.
Who does?
Relationships are hard work!
And what if I let Him down?
And what if my life doesnt unfold how I want??
Can we ever overcome these letdowns?
What if God cannot forgive my poor results?
My lack of skill?
Or worse, my lack of effort??

But then, when I was at my lowest point,
He reminded me that it was all about Him,
and not about what I could accomplish on His behalf.

God showed me where to focus,
by helping me realize the sickness in our world-
of people disconnected from Him, and one another.
So my purpose changed from what I could do and achieve,
and became more about how I could honor God, and love others.

Do you have a “Personal Mission Statement’?
Or a vision for your life??
Maybe its time to ask God to put a burning desire in your heart.
It may not make sense, nor will it be easy.
But it will be better than anything we can come up with on our own!

I watched men in prison, broken and alone in despair.
And I see the same in the “outside” world...
people who need to know the love of God,
and who need helping hand to come alongside,
to let them know they have value...
because God loves them,
which means so can I!
Will you love?

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