Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Post: “Traveling, Writing, and Connecting with People.”

Last week I went on a trip to Washington DC.
Writing on the road for me isnt easy.
It means I wake up at 5am, read, exercise, shower, and write...
all before my first meeting at 7:30am.

In the process I learned some things about software.
Namely, that my efforts while traveling do not always format the same,
especially when using using an iPad to do my writing!
Instead of complaining though, I am grateful!

Let me be clear of that for which I am grateful:
I am grateful to have a job,
especially one that allows me travel.
(It was my first time in Washington DC!)

I am grateful for the equipment they allow me to use, such as an iPad.
I am grateful for the generosity they have shown to me,
a convicted felon.
I am grateful to my wife for agreeing to the schedule,
and for caring for our beautiful daughter while I was gone.
I am grateful for flying out of state,
when many like me are not allowed to travel.
And most important,
I am grateful to God for allowing me to connect with others.

While my work, family, and writing are all important to me,
it is my work for the Lord,
in building up other people for Him which gives me the greatest joy!

When I take the time to connect with another person,
to listen to their struggles, their successes, their mission work,
it allows me to encourage them in doing what God has called them to.

When I share stories about the work of God in foreign countries,
when I share stories about reaching the addicts and criminals in our own society,
and when I share the stories of Christ's redemptive love in my own life,
that is when I see the time as well spent.
Even if I miss time to sleep, work, exercise, and write,
it is all worth it to know others sense the Holy Spirit in our time together.

May God continually receive all the glory in anything worthwhile I do!

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