Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Post: “What Happens When We Fail to Connect With Others?”

I know we all get busy in our lives.
Day to day, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands we face.
Today however, when we look back on previous generations
we often wonder what they did everyday to keep busy!

Before personal mobile devices and the internet,
we had telephones, television, and radio,
allowing us to connect only when stationary,
or to be entertained with only what was available.

What about in the times even before this?
Before books and newspapers.
Back before entertainment included a night at the opera,
or a day visiting the museum, zoo, or carnival.
What did people do to sustain the lives we know now!?!

They visited with one another.

We spent time walking or traveling to see family in person.
We wrote letters by hand because information took time to share.
We sat and listened to people tell stories.
Christ showed us an example of this,
by setting down the temporary to pick up the important.

When someone came to Jesus with a problem,
He set aside what was in front of Him and addressed their need.
Jesus made other peoples concerns important.
He always kept God first, but He made people second.

Christ made time for the children, the dying & dead.
He looked after the sick, and gave hope to the lost.

What if we learned to do the same thing?
Could you and I put down our phones to talk more?
Can we make time in our schedules for less entertainment?
Will you allow people who are not on your schedule
to take-up some of your personal "me-time"?

You may never know how you can help someone else
until you take the time to spend with and listen to them.

What happens when we do NOT make the effort?
I am unsure, so let me hypothesize for a moment:

Could we have less depression when people talk more?

Might we have less mental illness when we spend more time together?

Perhaps fewer people on pain medication?

Or maybe more kids stay in school, and fewer teen pregnancies?

Would our society have fewer people classified as “obese”?

Do we spend less money to impress friends we dont have,
taking out less debt to cover our expenses?

Do we get less addictions & crime??

I cannot say for sure, but I know this...
Christ didnt call us to live for ourselves.
He called us to do Gods will and live for Him,
and to do so by reaching out in love to those around us.

What will you choose?

“Relationships always trump trivial things like time, money, or comfort.” -Jared Angaza

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