Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Why is Life so Unfair?"

Life is not fair.
Life will never be fair.  
Life can't be fair.

I am not convinced that any of us is really as concerned as we pretend to be about any of these statements.  

When people complain about something not being fair,
it is almost always a smoke screen
for the fact that they are not getting something that they want.  

Most of us walk around pretending to be the fairness police
when, in fact, we usually play the fairness card
when we are the ones being treated "unfairly."

Despite the fact that we are fickle in our demands for justice,
we sure find it easy to demand fairness from God.  
But that's only because of our distorted application of fairness.  

The truth is, if you were to sit down and evaluate your divine demands,
I think you would conclude, as I have, that you don't really want God to be fair.  

A truly fair God would give you exactly what you deserve and nothing more...

This is where Christianity really stands apart from the pack.  
The God of Christianity never claims to be fair.  
He goes beyond fair.  

The Bible teaches that He decided not to give us what we deserve - that's mercy.

In addition, God decided to give us exactly what we don't deserve - we call that grace.

Is Christianity fair?  Absolutely not.  
But if you take the Bible seriously,
the last thing you want is for God to be fair.

-Andy Stanley

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