Friday, October 5, 2012

My new Post: “The Power & Fear of Fasting”

Have you ever considered doing a ‘fast’?
Fasting is defined as abstaining (giving-up, or going-without)
some form of food, drink, or other regular activity.

It is usually recognized as a religious ritual,
yet is even used as a way to improve ones health;
to cleanse out impurities.
And that is where the spiritual meets the applicable...
Cleansing Out Impurities.

It is easy to become so dependent on something
that we act as if we cannot live without it.
And that is where this lie from Satan is so powerful,
the fear that We cannot overcome the absence of anything so necessary.
Food? We can live without it for 24-hours.
As we can water too.
The same is true about caffeine, television, social media, news, and the internet.
We know these things to be accurate,
but what about when we are asked to voluntarily go without?

The church where I am a partner in Portland, Oregon
is going through a weeklong movement of focused fasting and prayer called Seven PDX.

Here is what I have learned so far;
that even though I have successfully fasted in the past,
this week long commitment to self-denial is still difficult,
because I am fearful I wont have the power to make it through.

And then I realized how my fear is based in lies;
that God wont see me through this time of fasting,
that I dont trust God to see me through,
and I question my own ability to succeed.

You see, I dont like to fail, and the truth is...
this is precisely where my trust in God is so important,
because it cleanses me from the lies.

And it is when I spend time in prayer,
that I am entering the flowing water of Gods blessing.

Like a water faucet that is turned on at the tap...
I wont receive the cleansing and thirst quenching fluid
until I am directly in line with Gods will.
And therein resides the power of fasting,
since it unleashes in me the power of Gods providence.

His blessing overcomes my weakness!

What if we all took the chance to be weak by fasting & prayer,
to gain an unknown strength that can only come from God?

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