Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Post: “Eating Alone and Seeking God”

it affects all of us on the planet, and yet...
we each experience it in a slightly different way.

Defined as “Solitary-isolation”, and yet...
we can be surrounded by other people,
but connected to no one.

From the President of the United States-
forced to take on the weight of responsibility for an entire country;
to a small child waiting for someone to come home and find them.

When I was in prison, I was surrounded by other people,
yet each day I ate my meals alone.
I was a fellow inmate, sentenced for a crime,
yet not part of any group.

This can be one of the most fearful times any of us may face.
Whether a high-school student in the cafeteria who no one notices,
or the failed business executive who everyone now avoids...
It is the same emotional uncertainty we all face, and yet...
it is precisely where God meets us.

Whether we are ‘broken-down’ from health issues,
financially bankrupt and homeless,
“broken-hearted’ for love,
or strangled by our addictions,
it is where God can make Himself known to us.

And it is in these times where I have learned to look for God.

In my sorrow, and in my loneliness,
in my failures, and even my triumphs,
in times of adversity and loss,
to my periods of wasted time spent incarcerated, and yet...
it is where God made Himself known to me more clearly,
because the rest of the world’s distractions faded away.

I began to see my life in a whole new light!
His purpose for me.
His plan for my life.
His will for my heart and mind.
That even when I was lonely,
I could feel whole, healed, loved, and worthwhile.
Because God had never abandoned me.
And He has not left you either.
Christ is calling to you through the Holy Spirit!

And now when I eat alone,
I use that time to see God anew...
to thank Him, and to praise Him.
Will you?

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