Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Post: "Capture Every Thought to Build New Patterns of Thinking"

In my life now, I coach and mentor Men.
I have found that any difference of age doesnt matter
because at some time or another we all have the same thing in common...
believing a lie, we fail to see ourselves as God sees us.

Our thoughts are corrupted by this.
It becomes toxic to us, and anyone else around us.
Our emotions feed the lie until we can see nothing else.
How do we break this self-defeating behavior?
Learn to think differently.

Rick Warren writes about this here: Practice the Principle of Replacement,
and I will expand on it some today.

To replace a thought, we must find another to replace it.

In the bible, there are many verses to help us see that God loves us.
Recite these daily.
In the moments we are angry or fearful about something,
replace the immediate thought with an affirmation, such as:
“God loves me,
God is with me,
God is blessing me,
God is guiding me.”
Find the verses to support each, and remind yourself each day,
because the evil one wants you to forget
by introducing new ways to doubt.
But our doubts dont change the truth of God.

Then, when it seem like your old thoughts are beginning to fade,
take the next step, and begin to pray for others.

Jon Walker writes about this here: Make Your Prayers other Centered.
This is why it is important...
doing just one of these is insufficient to overcome Satan,
and the demons we have allowed to speak into our lives for so long.

When your boss is yelling at you,
silently pray for him.
Continue to pray as you drive in traffic,
especially when you have been cut-off!
Here’s how I like to do it:
“Father God, thank you for protecting me from this driver.
Please watch over the rest of us, keeping us safe from this erratic driver.
And please watch over this driver, that they would change their ways,
and may they come to know you better through a peace that only You can provide.”

And therein lies the special power of that simple little prayer...
asking God to bless them!
You can do this when confronted by a bully,
or even while being yelled at by an angry spouse.

The technique take practice.
But the rewards are truly unbelieveable!

Pray for others in every moment.
But first, capture the negative thougths and replace them with Gods truth;
that He loves us each, and wants us to spend eternity with Him!

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