Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Post: "Our Fears Begin with a Lie."

Our fears often begin with a lie.

The lie usually begins somewhere outside of us,
but we make an internal choice to accept it.

We make a decision to accept the lie...
because we do not allow ourself to believe anything different.

Faith is not the absence of fear,
but rather that you have more trust in God
than in the situation you currently face.

Sadly, many of us continue to live as though we're still enslaved to sin,
even though God has given us access to a new quality of life.

Why does God Love You?
Not for anything which you have done,
but because He is love,
and He cannot deny His nature to love us.

Why should God love you?
Are you worthy of His love??
Have you ever done anything
to give Jesus Christ a reason to love you??

This line of questioning doesnt matter,
and neither do the answers...
but somehow we are tricked into believing the lie
until it seems to make sense as the only truth,
that we dont deserve Gods love.

But God loves us anyway,
and to deny that is to deny God’s nature and existence.

It is our own arrogance then to claim we know more than Him,
because we feel He could never love us.

God loves you and me,
and nothing we do now, or have ever done, can change that.

To believe this you will have to suspend your past beliefs
and accept in faith that God loves each of us,
as proven by His Son, Jesus Christ!

Psychologists have discovered that people who fear the unknown

will rationalize staying in unpleasant situations

because the discomfort of the present is less scary

than the pursuit of something different.

-Terry Hadaway

It may be unpleasant to believe
that God could love someone as “dirty” as you,
but it doesnt change the truth.

You may not understand this type of love,
but it is available to you nonetheless.
Will you choose to believe?

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