Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Post: "Learning From Working On A Roof"

This last weekend I helped a friend to tear off the old roof to his house.  It is not something I have ever done before,  And as such I cannot claim to be any good at it!  In fact, my work was far from perfect.  The pitch, or angle of the roof was just enough that I constantly felt off balance.  This made me fearful of falling.  The work was awkward, and I was slow,  and I am not sure if I was truly helpful because there were little results to show for my efforts.  After listening to a message on Sunday at church, I began to see something similar to my outreach of faith...  yet whether I am good at it or not doesn't change the need for the work to be done.  All that changes is the moment I live in at that time,  by changing myself enough to remove any barrier that keeps me from wanting to help others.  See, we often fail to live with and for other people,  Because we think our efforts will matter little.  We decide we aren't very good at telling others about Jesus,  Or that we won't know what to say when we feed the homeless,  So instead, we do nothing.  And while we may not like the way our lives are now,  We do little that makes a lasting difference for anyone,  Until all we know is our own self indulgence.  I want my End to be better than me Now.  My opinion of what I am good at matters little,  Compared to Gods holiness & sovereignty.  "Why do we struggle to serve like Jesus?  Because we live in a world designed to serve us."  And when we are afraid to serve others,  It is often because we fear we might not be very good at it.  Can you embrace the inconvenient?  Will you allow yourself to be uncomfortable?  Lets learn to serve other people because they matter to Jesus.  If you are a prisoner, ex-con, or sinner,  Then it is time to take the responsibility of serving others.  Do you want people to see as different from your mistakes?  Change how you live, and begin to olive for serving.  Not because you are important,  But because Jesus says they are important.  Satans lie is that our life is all about us,  And not about God or other people.  Stop living like you are a god, And start serving others like Jesus did.

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