Monday, October 1, 2012

New Post: "A Letter to My Victims"

It has taken me some time
but I have finally come to forgive myself.

See, I am responsible for hurting you both.

I am responsible for the pain and suffering you experienced that night,
and in the following time it took you to fully recover.

I am responsible for the fear you faced while riding in the ambulance.
I am responsible for the lost wages at work,
and the missed time with loved ones.
I am responsible for the loss of your friend’s borrowed car.

I am not allowed to contact you directly to convey my sorrow,
and I am unsure if you ever received the letters sent through your attorney.
But I am grateful too.
Because you both lived!
Because you have both recovered fully.
And because my insurance may have provided financially
for some of the pain and suffering you endured.

And I am also grateful for God,
that He never left me alone.
He was with my wife while I was gone,
and through her, God was able to keep me strong.

I am grateful that God has brought me through such an experience,
and to be a better man on the other side.

And while I may never know if you have forgiven me
I want you to know one very important thing...
your experience will not be in vain.

I am now a mentor to other men,

while before I avoided such responsibility.

I coach men going through similar life struggles.

I volunteer more frequently.

And I give more money to those in need.

Lastly, I am a father now,

and I am raising my children in a way I never thought

because through this I have a renewed faith.

My children will be better off because of the man I am now.

Thank you.

May you come to know God the way I have,

and may He bless you both with a joy that comes from Him alone!


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