Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Post: "The Lie of Doing It on Your Own"

You arent alone for a reason...
because God never intended it.

It is something we have all accepted,
but it is another lie from Satan,
that you should be able to do whatever God brings you to all on your own.

Did Christ walk alone for the three years of His ministry here on earth? No.
And neither should you.

Jesus however could have accomplished everything without the twelve men He chose.
What does that tell you?

It tells me that God wants to work with us in accomplishing His plans!
But somehow, we falsely believe that if He gave it to us,
then we should somehow be able to complete the assignment without help.

Could you put down your own ego & agenda for a moment,
to listen to and hear someone else’s idea
for how the task could be accomplished?

Men, what is your wife knows a better way to do something?
Would you ignore her?
Claiming that since God didnt give her the calling,
that it isnt her place to tell you how to complete it??

In my own life, I ask God daily to guide me in how I should do things.
And, I ask Him to show me where I may need to look to others for help.

But let me be clear... I dont like to do this!

I want to be the ‘strong/smart/experienced’ guy who doesnt require help.
Yet, I often find the assistance can take me farther, in less time, than on my own.

Reading the bible? Find an accountability group.
Struggling with finances?
Ask for help from someone who seems to have theirs together.
Overcome with all the little “details” at work?
Ask a co-worker how they organize/manage their workload.

An additional benefit - you never know when the help you ask for
can be what that person needed to feel good about themselves!

God is here too! Ready to reveal new insights.
And willing to provide more than we can ever imagine!

Just remember...
You and I arent supposed to do everything on our own.
And likely, it can be our downfall.
Break the habit now, and begin making greater strides by working together more!

What is one thing Satan fears?
That you wont sit alone with your limitations,
and instead look for others to join in community for help.

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