Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Post: "Learn to Like Yourself... then Other People Too."

Acting out is often a sign that we crave attention from others.
Yet at the same time, we can do things we know are “bad”
simply because we are bored.

But sometimes we dont really like ourselves all that much,
so we do things to get others to focus their energy on us
with the hope that somehow they will approve of us.
Not sure you agree?

What is one of the most powerful ways
to make someone feel good about themselves?
Affirm them.
Tell them something positive that you have noticed in them.

What happens when we dont get this kind of affirmation??
We seek for it in other, often unhealthy ways,
almost as a hidden cry for help.
We may argue that this isnt the case,
that we have some other motive or reason,
but what I have found in listening to and coaching men is this:
we are often hard pressed to understand ourselves,
because in our past someone didnt take the time to invest in us,
and to learn why we do what we do,
then to help us understand ourselves.

When we dont have this need fulfilled,
we fill in the gap with lies from Satan:
“You dont matter. No one loves you.
You are no good at anything.
Why do you even continue to live?”

When we dont hear with our human ears what we crave so,
then we doubt God’s truth in the bible:
that we matter to Him, and that He loves!!

If you are struggling with self-worth,
then find yourself a person or group to connect with,
and learn to discover what makes you special.

When we connect with other people,
they can help because often they see in us
what we fail to see in ourselves.

Next, find out what God says about you.
Then, turn around and help someone else to do the same.

We are each a valuable creation of God,
and when we become vulnerable with others
we can learn how God made us to live out His calling in this world.

Change - real change - takes place slowly. In first gear, not overdrive.


The best techniques have to be discovered and developed in the discipline of daily living.

“Instant” change is as rare as it is phony. -Mens Devotional Bible


Whatever you want to change in your life, don’t resist it; replace it. -Rick Warren

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