Friday, November 2, 2012

Donating to Air-1 Radio, and My Gratefulness

When I awoke in jail after my drunk driving accident,
I dropped to my knees and returned to the Lord.

In the following months, God blessed me and my wife
as we prepared for the prison sentence required for my injuring of two people.

Each day of incarceration was filled with opportunity for doubt and fear,
yet God reminded me of His promise to redeem me,
Air-1 Radio was a part of that which I have never forgotten.

As I listened to the small radio from behind 25 foot high cement walls
in the 150 year old state run penitentiary, my faith was renewed daily,
and as a result I was able to share hope with others.

Now I have been returned home, my family has grown,
and we seek more of Christ in our lives.
I volunteer often, and am now able to mentor & coach men,
using God's story in my life to defeat Satan's lies: that we are anything but loved by God.

Whose stories have inspired you?

The stories of courage that give you strength to carry-on,
even in the face of insurmountable fear,
are often the ones provided by God,
in precisely the moment you need to hear them most.

Wherever these stories have come from,
give thanks for them now,
because even in our darkest times...
God is here!
Because He will never leave you or forsake you!

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