Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Post: "How Do We Inspire Others?"

Writing isnt always easy for me...
especially when traveling across the country!
But connecting with friends and family in person
is much more rewarding than anything I could ever imagine.

Living so far away gives me little chance to do this,
so when I sit and spend time with distant loved ones
there are some feelings I get that remind me of why I write...

First, to let others know that they are important.
In our busy world, we get caught up in the day-to-day
and we often forget to slow down long enough
to find out what interests they have in life; and second,
to let others know their future matters.
These are the thoughts and feelings I have
when other people make time to connect with me,
and I find that other people crave the same kind of connection!

We appreciate knowing someone else will make time to visit with us,

and I find we often gain personal inspiration

when we know someone else wants, and is eager for us to succeed.

Are you thinking about running a marathon?
Tell someone who you know will get excited for you,
and you will find more energy to accomplish the goal.
Wanna lose weight? Or complete a school project??
Let someone else know what you are planning,
then ask if you can share the results with them later,
or better - ask them to help you celebrate when you succeed!

And this is what I found inspires people most...

Is your child living a life you cannot agree with?
Find out what motivates them,
then ask if you can help them celebrate their next win!

Our needs are simple: food, shelter, clothing, gainful employment,
but after our basic needs are met,
we need greater personal meaning for our life,
and when we can bring joy to someone else
by overcoming our challenges in work and life,
we find a wonderful way to be inspired!

Will you share with someone else
the hopes you have in life?
Will you ask for and get excited about their goals & dreams too?

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