Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Post: "Opposition - Part 1: Facing It"

What is opposition?
Opposition can be defined as - a person or group
actively criticizing, protesting, or resisting something or someone else,
with an opposite viewpoint.

For our purposes, we will limit it to something we say or do
which someone doesn’t like.

Now here is a ‘newsflash’ for you...
if there are precisely 7-Billion people on the planet at this moment in time,
you have the capability of offending every of them.
(And yes, that includes upsetting even yourself.)

In prison, it was possible for me to face opposition daily
from both the guards and inmates.
And with life on the outside,
it WILL be the same for you too!
Should we expect anything different?

What about our families? Or good old mom shouldn’t take any offense from me!
Or my friends! Or my old neighbors, whose lawn I used to mow.
Or, _____. Or the... or.

And when I returned from prison, I learned very quickly
that I couldn’t make everyone happy.
Do you know what often happens
when you cannot make someone else happy?
They can ‘turn’ on you.
Thats right, All of them.
Now I am not saying they All will,
nor am I indicating that everyone will simultaneously be opposed to you,
but it is possible that given enough time...
you could offend everyone at some point,
even if just for a brief moment.

Other people can agree with you on any number of topics,
but it takes only one reason for someone else
to find fault with you or your opinions.

Coming to know Christ can help,
yet even the Apostles faced opposition.
So, can we expect any less?

To be clear, we may not even agree with our own actions every day.
Ever get mad at someone and later regret it?
Perhaps some guilt set in, and you immediately questioned yourself.
For now, know this...
God never said life would be easy,
free from ridicule, problems, or challenges.
In fact, Christ said clearly that while we are here on earth in human form
we will face rejection, even from our own kind... and it will hurt.

It is easy to see that anyone can come to dislike our actions,
so what about other Christians?
Next, we will look at understanding why
people stand in opposition to one another,
including fellow believers.

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