Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Post: "Opposition - Part 2: Understanding It"

If we know to expect opposition in this world from non-believers,
then why do we Christians oppose one another?!?

This question has been come to mind many times,
and the resulting answers always seem insufficient,
however, a blog post by Jon Acuff addresses it rather well,
You can click on the link to read it, but my response is below:
Why Are Christians Such Jerks?

Perhaps it is the fear of someone else being better gifted by God,
so that our pride shows up in defense of our own supposed 'holiness'.
Such as, "wait- they can't have received a Word like that from God
because He hasn't given me the same message!
And because God and I are so close,
I KNOW He would have given me that assignment/insight/revelation."
Thus we feel left out,
like we need to be included on all of God plans for using people because our holiness is so ‘awesome.’
Maybe we need to be encouraging others who are at work for Jesus,
even when we dont have the same skills/ministry/blessings.

Most of the fellow Christians who will oppose you
do so for one of three reasons:
1) jealousy,
2) pride,
3) fear.

Jealousy - that God has given you gifts that He hasn't given them,
Pride - that their own gifting from God must be superior to your gifting,
Fear - that their own role in Gods plan is diminishing, and yours is increasing.

It's about our understanding, or lack of understanding in Gods plan for history,
and His will in our lives as individuals.

To put it plainly, we are not the main character in God,
because He alone is the  reason for everything.

John the Baptist had his own place correctly figured out;
when he said, "I must decrease, and Christ must increase."

Satan's lie to us then is that our gifting from God
is somehow better than another persons.

The truth however is this:
We are ALL given different gifts to draw others close to Jesus.
Not better or worse, just different.
And each persons gifting can be used to Gods glory.

Next post: How do we overcome opposition from fellow Christians?

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