Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Post: "Opposition - Part 3: Overcoming It"

Opposition is a normal part of every persons life.
It matters not if you believe in God,
as we Christians are not immune from resistance
even from other believers!

But after you have given your life to Christ,
what can you do to overcome opposition?

Pray for strength.
Stand firm.
Be “bigger”, and dont return their opposition/emotion/opinion.
Love more.
Condemn less.
Pray for them.
And let go...

Let God deal with their heart,
it is not your responsibility to defend yourself,
nor is it to explain why God has put something on your heart.

Pray that the person who criticizes you
may come to know their own vision from Christ.
God has put a mission inside each of us,
and it is not my place to questions yours,
nor is my responsibility defined by whether or not you agree with me.
God means for us to build one another up,
but too often, we condemn what we dont understand.

Is God real? Yes.
Is He Physical? Or is He Spiritual? Yes, to both.
But I wouldn’t tell you to worship the one over the other.
Neither would I tell you to spend all your time feeding the homeless,
if instead God put it on your heart to teach children to read.

Learn to recognize your role in Gods plans,
then boldly stand up for what Christ wants in you.
His plans will give you new energy and power!

Then any opposition you face may be a sign,
that you are in the correct place to do His work!

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