Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Post: "A Short Week and What's Ahead..."

This has been a 'short' week for me.

As I have been traveling, I have begun to think about how others view me:

Walking through the airports,

catching a taxi,

leaving the hotel room to eat meals,

attending trade-shows and conferences,

and I have begun to ask an important question;

"When people look at me, do they see Christ?"

My first and obvious answer is emphatically, "No".

So my next question is this:

"How do we let others know that we follow Christ,

and that He is alive in us?"

The simple truth might be a little embarassing,

but it all starts with our appearance... beginning with our smile!

If people don't see us smiling,

will they believe Christ is worth following?

My desire is to become a walking billboard for Christ,

a living testament of His loving grace in my life.

Truthfully, He doesn't need me to do this-

there are plenty of people who can better share Gods Word.

But keeping my mouth shut would mean I fail to live for His glory!

 So I will boldly speak of Him wherever I go,

no matter the Opposition.


Whats's Next?

  • First, a brief look at a new challenge for myself to become a walking billboard for Christ,
  • and Second, a three part series on facing Opposition when we live for Christ.


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