Tuesday, December 25, 2012

At the First Christmas, Which Character Would You Have Been?

First- I want to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
To you, your family and loved ones,
wherever you are in the world today,
no matter the circumstances,
because Christ birth is meant to redeem All of mankind!

And Second- I am doing something different today
by posting an entire blog from someone else Here!
Why? Because today, his perspective is awesome,
and I want to give you an opportunity to see yourself through different eyes.

Nothing confuses the biblical account of the birth of Christ like the Nativity scene. From the Boy Scout-like hut to the well-groomed shepherds and the we-got-here-way-too-early magi, the popular Christmas decoration is often the source of misinformation and misunderstanding.
Shepherds were in the fields between Passover and the fall. They were outcasts because of the work they did and the fact that they couldn’t make it to the temple for ceremonial cleansing. They didn’t bathe regularly, spent their time talking to sheep, and were looked down upon by every other element of society. If anyone had a reason to have a self-image problem, it was the shepherds.
However, on the night when Jesus was born, it was the shepherds–not the religious hierarchy–who received from an angel a personal announcement of Jesus’ birth. Their lives were immediately changed. They had to go see. After they saw, they had to go tell.
On that night, an unlikely event took place. The people who would have been voted “least likely to fulfill a meaningful role in society” had the privilege of being the first to tell the world about the birth of the Savior. Ordinary people were given an extraordinary task.
Most of us would consider ourselves ordinary people. But did you realize that God wants to do something extraordinary through you? His plan for your life will provide you experiences you never imagined and messages you can’t stop sharing. Today can be the start of an amazing adventure if…

  • you’ll stop believing that you aren’t qualified for the job God has for you.
  • you’ll let your trust of God overwhelm your fear of the unknown.
  • you’ll acknowledge that the strategies of the past got you where you are and they will keep you there until you change the path you are traveling.
  • you’ll stop letting the world determine your value. You are extraordinary because God created you. The world doesn’t have a vote.
  • you’ll see yourself through the eyes of the Creator. His perspective of you is far more accurate than your perspective of yourself.

Christmas is the perfect time to consider your role in the coming year. The world needs you to be extraordinary. I’m willing to take the challenge. Are you? Think about it!

In what ways are you like the shepherds?
What amazing thing does God want to do through you?

-Terry Hadaway @ LiveYourWhy.net

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