Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Post: "Sitting Alone In Our Prisons"

Whether I walk around freely,
or sit in a prison cell on my own,
I find there often are two unspoken questions in both:

What do I want to hear most?

What brings meaning to our lives??

When I listen to men who struggle with addictions,
it is often because they cannot identify their own worth.
The world tells us that we have little to offer,
and eventually we begin to believe it. 

We search for meaning in the worthless things of this world;
in self-pleasure through the senses,
in earning more money,
in conquering fears, women, or sports, until...
it is no longer enough.
Nothing becomes satisfying.
The taste of everything becomes bland,
and life is... meaningless.

In the Bible, King Solomon discovered the same thing.
He learned that all his fortune, wisdom, women, architecture, and armies,
could never provide that which he could only receive from God.

Our relationship with Jesus Christ is the one thing
that can truly set us free from the prison of pain, addiction, or incarceration.
We struggle to realize this,
and so we deaden the senses through one more drink,
one more conquest, one more possession.
But it will never be enough.

Why do I write about this?
Because until we become aware that we cannot solve our problems alone,
we will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes, over and over again.
We need other people to come alongside us; to help us see what we are blind to.
Said another way: to make us aware of our personal blind-spots.

And we need more of God.

Our purpose cannot be found in seeking the affirmations of other people.
Some people will never accept us,
and even those with the best of intentions will let us down,
and so we must seek God above all others.
But we must trust that He will provide us with answers
that come from Godly friends who are also seeking Him.
You need not stay in any prison,
regardless of how you got there.

Dont leave yourself in isolation.


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