Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Post: "Our Christmas-2012"

Christmas was good this year.

We spent the days and nights with family & friends.
We ate, drank, exchanged gifts, took naps,
and sang Happy Birthday to baby Jesus.

We were reminded of how small our own minds can “think”,
and how unfathomable is God’s ability to love, create, and restore.

The story of Jesus wouldn’t be our first choice.

We have our own ideas for what things “should” be like.
We often want to earn our own salvation,
and it is nearly inconceivable that a newborn baby could be the answer.

But at the end of ourselves, we find He is the only answer.

When life is good,
we often dont have the need for a savior.
Things can go on on indefinitely, as if on autopilot,
then one day we awaken to the reality that this world is ending,
a temporary dream that seems too real because it is all we know.
The pleasure of this world weakens,
and the things we enjoyed previously hold less for us.

But God,
has a plan from the beginning,
and although this isnt what He wanted,
it is still in His power to reclaim this world for His own.

We need not live as we have previously.

The choice becomes...
will I accept the gift of Christ, to hope for a better and unknown future?
Or will I waste away in the slow death of monotony this world offers??

And so I choose to give up my own thoughts and desire to be “right”,
and instead I accept that Christ Jesus came to give us more.
More Joy.
More Hope.
More Love.
And more life in Him.

Christmas this year was good.
But not because of what we did,
but for how we could appreciate what God did through Jesus.

Are you open to thinking differently about your life next year?

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