Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Post: "My First Payer-Circle"

Lord God, you know why I am here.
At this moment in time, in this place, under these circumstances.
And I will trust in You.

I pray, ask, and hope that you will not leave me here.
Because this place will never be good enough as it separates me from You.

I am "praying circles" around the parts of my life where I feel your Holy Spirit leading me,
and I ask that if I am missing any areas where you wish me to be, where you want to bless me,
then please let these places become known to me, 
completely clear without any confusion,
and may Your Spirit guide me,
until I have no desire but to serve You by moving into the areas that You want for my life.

You know my frustrations, and I plead with You God not to leave me in them.
I call on the power of Your name, in the boldness of the prophets, by the known Word of the Bible,
that You would be my God, and that I may be Your servant.

You know my heart, and that I desire more for Your kingdom:
More glory, more praise, more joy, more faith, more hope, more assurance, and more people.

This world if full of worthless things, and yet…
You sent Your son as a child, that all may be redeemed.
If not for that, I would curse this world for the futility that it is.
Nothing here has any value, unless You have blessed it.

Please God, give me the words, the vision, the strength, and the courage to seek You in all things.
That I may walk into the areas where You are calling me…
not because I am strong, but because I believe in Your strength and provision.
That when I am weak, You will give me opportunities to grow strong.
That when I am prideful, you will give me opportunities to become humble.
That when I am forsaken by man, that I wold peace in Your promise and truth.
That when I am fearful, that You will give me more cause for hope.

I claim these prayers now, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

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