Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Post: "Pushing Into the Difficult, A Wrap-Up"

We dont have a choice as to how many days we have to live,
but we can choose how to live-out the remaining days we have.

The difficult parts of this life are often the most rewarding,
if we are willing to do the difficult work to improve them.

Success comes at a cost:
there is little life-balance if we push into the difficult,
willing to accept temporary discomfort to win the reward of a life-time.

My wife and I dont always get along,
but if I walk out or quit when times are tough...
then we can never again enjoy the beauty of our love.
So I fight for our love.

I dont always agree with God,
but when I push into His love more...
I realize His love is meant to protect me from the world, satan, and myself.
So I trust Him more than my own desires.

There are many things I have wanted to do in this life,
and as a father I have learned quickly to put these down (for now),
because loving my children brings the better reward,
and it is a ‘job’ I am glad is never fully done.

My mother is one of the most difficult people I have known.
Her words of hatefulness & spite have hurtfully poisoned many people.
In the last few weeks I had the opportunity to show her love.
If I had not taken the time...
there would have been no chance for healing to begin.

The painfulness we feel right now is not eternal,
but we must often trudge through the difficulty to claim the prize,
and the reward of heaven is eternity with Jesus Christ.

If I had to leave this world today, or end this blog here, these would be the words I would want to leave behind....

Love more, condemn less.

And give more or yourself than you think you can afford,
because the Holy Spirit will provide whatever we lack!

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