Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Post: "Gods Lasting Love Looks Different"

At every stage of our lives, we know of people who claim to love us.
But for some reason or another...
we may doubt their love for us.

When we are children, our parent’s love seemed limiting;
we were told not to touch the burner on the stove,
and to stay out of the street when playing.

By the time we are teenagers, it may have seemed life ending!
Especially when we were told “no dating”,
or when to be home at night on weekends.

Then, when we asked why such rules or instructions exist,
we were told it was because our parents loved us.
But we don’t see it this way.

As we grow up, we may ask the same of God...
“Why God - won’t this person love me back?” Or,
“Why God - didn’t I get that job, or scholarship??”
And then as our lives progress,
“Why did that person have to die?”

Yet in every stage of our lives, God has loved us.

When we are children, our parents restrict us from many things
to keep us from hurting ourselves,
and and to keep us safe from others.
And God’s love often has similar reasons:
1) to protect us,
2) to bring us closer to Him, and
3) to show us His love more clearly.

My parents dont call to ask if I keep my fingers out of the electrical sockets,
and neither do they keep me from staying out late,
but that doesnt mean they love me any less.

When we walk with God, we can often sense His presence guiding us.
But when we dont get the same feeling...
it doesnt mean He isnt there with us,
nor that He loves us any less.

God’s love is meant for us to grow into a deeper relationship with Him.
And it is for that reason that He doesn’t protect us from all of life’s problems.

Gods love is perfect, even if we dont like how it looks or feels.

My father is at home in heaven with Christ,
and I wouldn’t ask God to send him back for my own selfishness.

We dont stay here on earth because this world is imperfect;
we all seem to know and sense this, and even now it is pershing.
So why should we expect God to leave us all here forever?

When I realize how imperfect is my own understanding of Gods love,
then I see how imperfectly we can show love to one another.
Just because my wife doesn’t show me love every minute, every hour, of every day,
it doesnt mean she loves me any less.

But somehow we often believe the lie from Satan...
that love should look a certain way.
And we buy the false notion that our limited perception of love is correct,
even when we have imperfect information.

Maybe it is time to believe something different...
that there is something better in Gods love than our small minds can imagine,
and maybe our own efforts at showing love could be improved,
if only we could learn to think about love beyond ourselves.

Lets love one another more,
in beautiful ways we have yet to even consider!

Where will you begin to show more love?

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