Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Post: "These Arms Wont Grow Weary"

On Sunday, I watched a man in church as he held his small child.
For approximately 17 minutes; he held the child close to his own body as we all sang.

Is 30 pounds too much for you and I to hold?
My own daughter is about the same size, and yet
I would quickly grow weary and put her down.
It doesn’t mean I dont love her, but the catch is this...
God wont EVER let go of you and me.

There is an older story of a woman
who accidentally suffocated/smothered her crying child
to save the lives of the other people she was hiding with.
During WWII, jews were hiding from the Nazis in an underground location
while they were being searched for overhead by killers.
Who was most thankful to her?
Did anyone try to comfort her afterward?
Perhaps even thanking her for the sacrifice??

And yet, that is exactly how far God will go to save you and me.
He allowed His own son to come to earth and share the good news,
that we have a place in heaven with Him for all eternity!
And yet, sometimes all we can see is our own daily struggles and we forget,
the pain Jesus death must have caused His Father.

Are you grateful today?
It is easy to become bitter for how the world treats us,
but is 2000 years too long for God to “hold-on”,
waiting for so many people to come and know him?
This time we have on earth temporary,
and I am grateful that God is patient.

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