Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Post: "How I Handle Unexpected Circumstances"

This week has thrown me, and as such I failed to write.

I am used to delivering something, three times each week,
however, unexpected circumstances changed that for me,
and now I am trying to catch up, change my mindset,
and learn to see the opportunity from God in this instance.

What do you do when these events happen to you?
Do you cry? Fearfully withdraw?
Are you silent? Do you talk it out with other people?
Or do you grow angry?
Perhaps acting out in a way that lets others know you are hurting??

This week, I was blessed to be reunited with my family,
and it happened on the same day I was shaken.
Did you see that?
In the moment I was devastated, I found what mattered most.
My family returned home after being gone a week.
But you know what else?
I prayed to God, first.
Before anything, I gave thanks to Him,
because even in the unexpected circumstances of life,
we are to praise Him.

We are to give God thanks in all things, good or bad,
because we know that “He works all things out for our good.”

“Rejoice Always.
Pray Without Ceasing.
In All things give thanks!
For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I dont praise and give God thanks because I enjoy the painful events,
but because I know that through them God is working out what is best for me.
And I believe He is doing the same for you too.

What do you do when the unexpected circumstances occur?
And if you dont turn to God, then how do things work out for you?
Better? Or worse??
Maybe its time to let Him guide you,
and perhaps you can learn to see new reasons to praise Him.
Will you try??

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