Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Post: "When Is Persecution Good?"

Jesus said to be happy when we’re persecuted.

Persecution can be good because:
1) it takes our eyes off earthly rewards,
2) it strips away superficial belief,
3) it strengthens the faith of those who endure, and
4) our attitude through it serves as an example to others who follow.

We can be comforted knowing
that God’s greatest prophets were persecuted.
(Elijah, Jeremiah, Daniel)

The fact that we are being persecuted proves
that we have been faithful;
faithless people would be unnoticed (by satan or God).

In the future God will reward the faithful
by receiving them into His eternal Kingdom,
where there is no more persecution.

God uses our tragedies like an involuntary surgery that causes fear and even greater pain, but on the other side we are stronger, on the way to recovery from our disease of faithlessness. -Jon Walker

Can you see anything else in your times of tragedy, struggle, and persecution?
Do you see hope in your situation when problems arise?
If you struggle with these, then maybe it is time to feed your faith.
Let your doubt starve by not feeding into your fears.
Look for the joy.
Learn to see hope in new possibilities.
And if that is still too difficult,
then learn to be a blessing to another person.
Listen to them tell the stories of their struggles.
Let them know they are not alone in the trials of life.
And in that moment of togetherness,
maybe you can both find hope.
(much of this post was taken from the Life Application Study Bible)

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