Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Post: "Its OK to Hate Your Job, but Love Your Work!"

Your job is not your identity.
The title next to your name does not accurately describe you.
The position you hold is not a fair assessment of your worth,
nor does it determine what value you have in the world.
Too often in our culture we believe the opposite is true.
We learn to believe a lie...

that any meaning we have in this life

is decided by the results of our output.

It is like a mathematical equation from Algebra,
where the letter “A” represents you or me,
the letter “B” is an input of time,
the letter “C” amounts to our expended efforts,
and the letter “D” is the result - such that:

1A + 1B + 2C = D

Or rather, 1 person, plus 1 unit of time, multiplied by twice the effort, equals the result.

Now lets look at this differently...
In the Bible, the job of Jesus was what?
I believe it was as a Carpenter, and yet His work has affected the entire world!
The same could be said for the apostle Paul,
where his job was that of a tent-maker,
but God... used him to write the greater portion of the New testament in our Bible.

And what it the result of their jobs?
Whatever it was is long gone. - physically decomposed over two thousand years ago.
But the work they did has changed the world forever.
Because it put man in connection with God.

Not everyone will have a life’s work like this.
But everyone does have a meaningful part to fulfill in their life!

And your job is only a small part of the bigger picture.
If you are a parent, then you will be remembered more by your children
than almost anyone else you will ever have the chance to touch.

My work is to inspire, teach, and help connect people more intimately with God;
by pulling apart the misconceptions we have chosen to incorrectly believe.
When these misconceptions are replaced: 1A + 1B + 2C D
And instead we insert Gods truth, then something amazing happens!

1A + 1B + 2C (add God) = 1X10^100 (or, impossible results on our own)

Wherever you job is located, it is only temporary.
If you hate what you do, despise the boss, detest your co-workers, it is alright.
The job you hold is only a minor portion of your life.

Trust in God to give you something far more important to do,
then move forward in faith that He will bring you peace and joy,
when you pursue what He has given you to do.
Then you will indeed, Love Your Work!



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