Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Post: "Our Prisons - Whether Real or Metaphorical"

Whether I sit alone, or talk to other men
I often hear a small, quiet voice that often goes unnoticed.
What is the purpose to this voice?
To discover our value as men.

When then the world shows us what it thinks is important,
we often feel we lack something, or anything to offer it.
But God answers the question: that you are worthwhile to Him.
Yet we often hear Satan more clearly...
that we deserve only so much,
and it is in direct correlation to what we produce.

Do you have a high-income producing job?
Do you have a large house? A fancy car??
Do people recognize you from television, or
is your name known through the halls of business or entertainment??
Then You must be important.

But the lies of Satan is this...
‘because you lack that which the world says is important,
then you are nothing, and can never add value to society.’

How do we overcome this ‘prison’ of disbelief in our own worth?
Find a place to add value to others; start in your home.
Become the parent your child needs,
and the husband your wife knows you can become.
Then stretch yourself and do something for another person.
You want to know you have something special?
Give of yourself more - for the benefit of someone who can never repay you.
And learn to recognize your true worth in God!

You will recognize the difference in yourself,
when you see the transformation in another persons eyes...
that you have helped another to know that they matter.
Your children grow. Your wife blooms.
And the joy returns to their smile.
It isnt instant. In fact, you may never know it through them...
but God will let you know.

The prisons that hold us are often of our own making,
and while we are held there, others close to us become trapped.
They too become injured by our choices and behaviors.
Only when you learn to live differently can you be released,
and those close to you may come to know joy in your presence.

Release yourself today.
Find a new plan, a new way of thinking, and a new way of reacting.
Learn to give joy and aid to others,
and you will find your prison walls crumble!

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