Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Post: "The Simple, Yet Difficult Part of God’s Grace"

Is that God’s view of us is different than how we view ourselves.

We see the broken pieces of our lives and are ashamed.
We call ourselves dirty, believing that no one could ever love us.
We feel self-pity for how little we have accomplished,
and we just know that whatever we have to offer
it will never be enough enough to wash away our shame and guilt.

When God sees you, what does He see?
His precious child!
Sure, you may be dirty, but you are loved!

When my own daughter makes a mess in her high-chair,
I don’t condemn her.
When she refuses to listen to me or her mother,
I dont give up on here.
And God does the same,
except with a million times more grace,
compassion, patience and understanding than I will ever possess.

What if we trusted that same vision for ourselves?
That God looks down on us as 'little-children';
Messy, confused, and even lost.
But He still longs to pick us up and hold us,
even when He too will get dirty from our mud-covered clothes.

God still wants to comfort us while we throw temper tantrums,
even when it may hurt Him to do so while we flail about.
And when the world seems at its worst,
what if God was here to pick us up...
even when our diapers leaks, and the ‘result’ gets all over Him too.

Yep. Thats my God.
He wont let go, ever.

And when the world seems too cold so that all you can do is cry,
God will be there to hold you and listen to your tears.
Thats what he does... rather than fixing things for us,
He gives us His best, and asks that we have faith in Him,
no matter what else happens.

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