Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Post: "Do Your Job, AND Create Meaningful Work."

Being in prison sucks the life out of you.
The same thing everyday- in a cell with nothing to do.
The routine becomes monotonous.
The tastes for life is dulled, and our lives can feel alomst meaningless.
But then there is a chance for a job.
Prison jobs can pay as much as $2 a day, or as little as $1/day.
No one ever wants to earn so little money.
But then again, many of us want out of our cell.
So we take the job, and our days become... better.
Not perfect. Not enjoyable. Just, improved.

Your job may seem like a prison:
Trapped in a routine that brings you no joy.
If you are an ex-felon, you may have no choice...
but to take the most degrading jobs, making the least money possible possible.
And here is the catch... You get to have a job!

It doesnt define you, nor will it give meaning to your life.
However, you can do work that WILL define you,
and it will bring fulfillment beyond imagining.
Do you enjoy music? Then study it.
Listen to everything you can get your hands on.
Learn all you can about how music has been made.
Then, write an opinion and send it to a paper.
Better yet, post it on the internet- perhaps Amazon.
Your writing ability makes less difference than the ability to discern good music.

Do you like art? Then begin to draw or paint- daily.
Do it after work, and on weekends.
Then as you get better, volunteer to paint somewhere that needs it;
The wall of an old building, or a new coffee shop.

Your work may never make you rich or famous, but it is yours!
And you will be able to hold you head up when people ask what you do...
because you can say, “Well, I have a job at a gas-station, but I love making cakes!”

The people you speak to will not be able to focus on the job,
but your enthusiasm for making cakes!

Dont know if you can do it?
Then check out the book: "48-Days to the Work You Love", or
Find an idea that makes you “tick”, and pour yourself into the work you love.
Then forget what happens at your job, and enjoy the work God has made you for!

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