Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year - 2013

Its the time of change and renewal in our society.

Christmas has passed by, and we are reminded that God has not left us as we are:

We are loved, completely accepted, totally forgiven, children of God.

Let this day mark a new start for you!

Find three things to change and work on this month.

Thats right, work on them for one month;

because that is what is required for a lasting change to occur.

But know this now, you cannot complete anything worthwhile on your own,

so you will need to seek God first.

To first learn if it is His will for you,

and second, to learn how He wants you to take on this new goal.

Then give thanks to God!

Praise Him now, even before you have begun,

knowing that His love will see you through to the completion.

And when your 30 days have passed?

Seek God again,

to ask Him if He wants you to continue, or to move into another area of pursuit.

The unintentional life is a half-lived life,

because we miss out on Gods best for us,

and we waste our efforts on things that cannot last.

Make this year your best ever!

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