Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Post: "Being A Millionaire"

Are you interested?
Most of would say “Yes” with great enthusiasm!
But, what if the wealth of being a millionare
was more of a problem, and less of a blessing?
You may say,
“Sure, being rich may have problems, but I could handle it!”
Then why are there so many confusing points in the bible?

Example one: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
Which may not make make much sense here until you look at another quote,
“Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."
I believe this is because we learn to focus too much on our wealth,
and instead ignore those who we could help,
because of our desire to keep secure that which we have already.

Supporting example two:
Lets say you win the lottery, or collect a big inheritance.
Now, you have a big house (use your imagination here),
but you need a fence, walls, and foliage to hide what you have.
You may need a security system with alarms, cameras, and perhaps guards.
Then you have to pay for all those,
along with house repairs, water, electricity, taxes, and grounds keepers.
“No Problem”, you say?
Then you need a trusted financial institution to keep your money safe.
And now you start to see people treating you differently...
Your family asks directly for some of your new windfall of money,
and there are new friends, all of whom smile when you spend money on them,
but what happens when the money runs out?
Perhaps the national economy takes a dump,
or your bank defrauds you.
Your friends dry up and disappear.
The family you helped has nothing to offer you in return.

And what happens to the soul of the person inside of you?
Your doubts abound.
What have you become?
What will you do with your tomorrow??

When I was in prison, I learned that all men dream BIG.
We have crazy dreams about wealth, fame, power, sex, etc.
But King Solomon put it best when he said,
“none of it has meaning, because none of it will last.
And even what I have now has become boring and commonplace.”(paraphrased)
One thing I learned to do...
quit thinking about how to make things better for myself,
and start learning how to join God in the things He says are important.

One of the things God did was to show me
how I could use my gifts to help make other peoples lives better
even when in prison.
I was able to do this through tutoring.
I was able to teach, guide, and instruct men
to prepare them for taking the GED exam.
And I continue a similar work even now,
by coaching and mentoring in how to live with God in their life.

What happens when we learn how to enrich others?
God blesses us!
He joins us in our efforts, and we see His blessings at work.
I believe this is what God did for Joseph, when he was captive in Egypt.
And He can do the same for you!

It reminds me of the story Jesus told of the “talents”;
a master gave his servant “talents” (often considered money),
and they were to use them how they best saw fit.
One conclusion I derive is this:
when we use what God has given us to glorify Him,
more will be our reward.
And woe to the one who misuses, or fails to use them.

Am I accurate? Perhaps.
But more importantly, if you have both passion and skills,
and you can use them as God directs you to benefit others,
I believe you will see is blessing in your life!

The choice then is this...
do I focus only on what makes me happy?
which is short lived, like the “high” from a drug;
Or do I seek ways to improve the lives of the people around me?

Will you become a Millionaire as a result?
But if you do, you will enjoy it all the more
when you have people you care about to share it with!

(still not convinced? Do an internet search for “being rich but bored”.
You may be surprised by what you find.)

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