Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Post: "A Possible Reason for Unanswered Prayers"

Have you ever wondered why your prayers go unanswered?
I dont mean the ones that are truly self-centered....
the request for a new car, a better job, or winning the lottery.
You know what I mean by these...
Prayers for healing from disease,
prayers for mercy during struggles,
prayers for freedom from addictions,
and prayers for restoration after a fall.

I often wonder... did the Prodigal/Lost son pray
before returning home to his father?
The story from the Bible doesn’t mention it,
but I like to believe the Holy Spirit was there in that moment,
uttering prayers on his behalf;
for softness in his fathers heart.

I write this blog now because I prayed.

The prayers I recall most clearly were when my attitude shifted,
from prayers that God keep me out of prison,
to prayers that His will be done in my life;
and that He use me to do His will wherever I go for the rest of my life.
God has used me, and continues to do so even now.

But another prayer I asked of God was for restoration,
to the job I had before my incarceration began.
My employer was good to me, and my boss wanted to re-hire me.
But after my release, it seemed they were unable to make such a thing happen.
And eventually I quit asking for that prayer to be answered.
I thought that perhaps it was the wrong thing to ask God for,
and so I began to pray again that God show me what He wants for my life.

Then last week, on the same day I left my employer six-years earlier...
I got an offer letter for a job.
On the day after the Superbowl six years ago,
I began my prison sentence.
But on the day after the Superbowl this year,
I began working for the same company,
in the same position I had back then.

Sometimes unanswered prayers mean ‘not right now’.
Other times it may mean we are praying for the wrong thing.
And still sometimes, unanswered prayers mean we must wait for the answer
until we arrive in heaven.
But I want to encourage anyone else who reads this,
to first ask God to show you how He wants you to pray,
realizing that He may even ask you to pray for someone else,
before you seek and receive an answer to your own prayers in life.

But no matter what... talk to God.

And that is the basis for all prayer to Him!

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