Monday, February 18, 2013

Trusting God - Even When Man Fails Us

How often do people let You down?
Each of us has had a situation when
someone didnt live up to our expectations. 

A friend doesnt show up when we ask.
A relative says something hurtful about us to one of our friends.
A co-worker fails to do their portion of a project,
and we receive the blame.
Your child strikes you...
either with hurtful words or their hands & feet,
and your heart goes cold while your legs go limp,
and you wish you could slump to the ground in sad despair.

Why is it that when we share ourselves with someone,
the deeper frailties,
the secrets and hopes,
the fears,
they later turn on us and use their intimate knowledge
in a manner that knocks the wind from our lungs?

I dont have a “for sure” answer, but I believe I know why...
because we are human.

Given to our base emotions of pride,
anger, resentment, jealousy, confusion,
and our physical limitations of fatigue,
hunger, pain, illness, or suffering,
people often let fear dictate their responses.

To be clear, each and every response we have
comes from two basic emotions: love & fear.
But rather than to take on explaining this...
this area which is beyond us- that we cannot control,
I will go into the truly important part-
what we have to give up, and to whom.

First, sin will never leave this world until Christ comes to reign.
Thus, it is an unrealistic expectation which we have
for others to never say or do something which harms us.
It is the nature of sin, and satan’s influence in the world,
which will never be stopped or thwarted until Jesus defeats them.
So what do we do until then?
Trust God - More.

“What God has planned for those who love Him

is more than eyes have seen or ears have heard.

It has never even entered our minds!" 1 Corinthians 2:9

And second, we forget that everything here is temporary,
and we fail to recognize the big picture,
that no matter what happens...
God is in control!
He has a plan!
And He wont leave us here on our own.

We must learn to trust God more than the people who hurt us.
We must learn to trust God more than the struggles we face.
We must learn to trust God more the the mistakes we have made.

How often do We let people down?
We must learn to trust that God’s grace is bigger
than our own limited understanding can fully comprehend.

When my friend lets me down, I must learn to trust God’s plan,
more than my own view of things.
I may not want to forgive him,
but I must trust that God wont leave my heart this way,
nor that He cannot use this situation to His glory, and my benefit.

The truth is that when we learn to put our faith in God,
that He loves us and accepts for who and what we are,
and that He will never leave us the way we are now,
then we can walk in the freedom of joy,
without being fearful of what satan might do to us!

Man can break the body, torture us mentally, and grieve your heart...
but God can repair you, heal and restore you,
and can can replace the wounds in our hearts with His love.

Learning to have hope in someone beyond ourselves
is a powerful way to live...
but make sure that hope is in the One
who will never let you "fall-down" so far
that He cannot pick you up,
clean you up,
and lift you up into His loving arms!


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