Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday: A worthwhile re-telling from my Archive

It was a beautiful day here in Portland
and it happened to be Easter Sunday.
At my church, New Hope
I was to give my testimony.
On the day of Christ’s resurrection,
my story was to be shared.

But was it truly mine to tell?
See the story wasn’t really about me...
it was about Christ
and His redemptive work in my life.

The ‘video’ showed for the three services,
and I arose to speak a few words after each.
Following the message, many people came up to me
speaking words of encouragement,
appreciation for my sharing,
some even offering congratulations.
But all the words mattered little
until I heard the sound of my daughter, saying...
“Daddy, hold me.”

Later, when I stopped to think on the day,
those may be the most important words to remember
because I feel deep down
that is precisely what God wants to hear from us.
Daddy, hold me...
because I have failed again,
I am alone and hurting,
and I don’t know where to turn for hope.”

And thats where I believe He wants us to be,
in His loving arms,
holding on tightly,
crying our eyes out,
or even celebrating the day.
And each day I want to remember what He has done,
not because I deserve anything,
but because His love is so perfect.

Thank You God,
for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ,
to die for my sins,
and guide me back to You.

You Can view the Testimony video on YouTube HERE.

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