Monday, March 11, 2013

New Post: "Is Busyness a Blessing?"

If you check-in with me here regularly, then you know I am late.

My goal is always to write each week,
and normally that means I post each week as well.
Well, I missed the post deadline I set for myself this past Saturday.
No one else holds me to this “goal”.
It is something I set for myself.
If you were to ask where it falls in my list of priorities
it would be in the top five! (see here) 

  1. Glorify God
  2. Love my Family
  3. Love Others through Ministry
    1. Coaching
    2. Mentoring
    3. Writing
  4. Self-Development
  5. Worthwhile & Productive Job

Did you see where it falls in my goal plan?
Now here is the catch for my recent busyness...

  • God allowed my son to be born in the last two weeks, and I spent a few nights sleeping in the hospital to support my wife.
  • I was able to be the “Best-Man” in a wedding for a young man I have mentored.

My timeline demands have all fallen in the top five goal categories,
and my actions have been driven by the activity schedule,
which means my writing has slipped. 

Does this mean I have failed?
Will God be disappointed by me?
I answer with an emphatic, NO!
I have not failed, but prioritized.
And I do not believe God will be disappointed with me.
Is writing, and self-development important?

But the important things we have scheduled

are less important than the eternal things of God.

Is this obvious to you?
Perhaps so, but maybe we still find it painful...
Painfully tough to lay-down what we hold important,
to instead focus on what is important to God.
And as a result, I have no regrets!

When will I post again?
I will be back on schedule later this week,
and plan to write again for posting on Saturday.
But, there is still something else I must make time for,
and it is easily forgotten by many...

Selah - time for rest in God.

Have you heard of the term before?
Some say it has been written into music,
especially in the lyrics & ballads of the Bible’s “Old-Testament”.
I believe I agree, because it makes one thing important above all...
giving space for God in our lives.

Interested in hearing more?
Then follow the link below
to hear a sermon of the same name from my church:

New Hope - SELAH

And remember to make time for resting.
Not just on Sundays... but every day.
And allow God the space and time to enter your life,
because you have made time to invite Him in!



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