Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Post: Can Life Be FAIR? Or Is It Only a Myth?

One day, we are born,

and in what seems like only a moment,

we are left wondering...

where do I fit in?

Why does pain exist?

Who am I going to become?

And the ubiquitous...

What is the purpose of life?

But there is an underlying theme

that seems to run through our thoughts:

Why Is Life so Unfair?


In America, we have some weird sense

that “Life Should Be FAIR”

and we begin to tell our children

until it is overflowing our entire being -

pouring out of our ears,

as if everything we now live for,

is to seek and reach a mythical land of “Fairness”.

To help build this, consider if you will,

a land where everything is fair...

Everyone looks the same-

no one is fat, or ugly, or skinny, or even muscular,

because then someone may seem more beautiful or desireable;

We would have to work on each person’s DNA so that everyone looks alike,

by removing any ‘genetic mutations’, everyone appears equal,

or if we are not capable of removing variations to physical looks,

then we could ‘re-program’ everyone mentally and emotionally,

so that no one ever “feels” different,

and even so that everyone is now accepted in the same way,

by removing any imprint on us that allows us to tell the differences apart.

Everyone has the same job-

because everyone has to earn the same amount of money,

yet no one ever gets a job promotion...

because it might be unfair to someone else who wants it;

We all have the same level of responsibility,

and thus no one get any more privilege than anyone else;

Everyone eats the same foods-

We all live in identical homes-

Drive the same model cars, in the same color-

Do you begin to sense a trend here?

Life is inherently UNFAIR,

and we cannot expect the government,

or anyone else,

to make life fair for everyone.

So why do we ‘fight it’ when someone else “wins”?

We lose the job...

perhaps because we didnt quite look the part.

We didnt have the same expensive clothes...

the same body structure,

the right color hair,

and maybe we dont get the ‘boy or girl’ we have hoped for.

Do we truly expect that life should be different?

And if so, why??

I propose one suggestion, and I will compare it with a truth...

I suggest that Satan has given us all a lie-

that somehow we are missing out on something,

something important, truly life changing,

and he proposes that we will never be happy without it.

Satans answer is that we should be able to all have happiness

here on earth, and right now,

and anything else is unfair.

The truth? The world isnt FAIR, and never will be.

God didnt make us all the same,

and so we will always have differences.

Yet God loves us all the same!

But satan wants us all to believe that God must not love us the same...

because God has given us all the same attributes.

Satan used the same technique in the Garden of Eden,

when he suggested to Adam & Eve that Gods best was being withheld,

and that something better was in store,

but only if they could find it on their own by eating the forbidden.

The woman who has been left alone to raise two children-

seems unfair;

the poor and homeless-

seems unfair;

the crippled, sick, suffering and dying of loved ones

all seem unfair;

the wrongfully imprisoned,

seems unfair;

But God...

didnt make us to find everything here on earth by our own power,

but by faith in Him,

and a future in heaven for eternity.

Do you doubt this?

Good! Its the right place to start.

Because inherently we have bought into the lie,

that things should be better - Now.

But that is not what God promised.

His promises are better than here,

and last longer than now.

Let go of the lie, and reach for God’s truth.

Because only His plan makes sense!


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