Monday, March 18, 2013

New Post: "Write that (Important) Letter, NOW"

The World is changing.

 When we stop to see the things changing around us,

It can all seem a blur.

However, if you are in prison or suffering from addiction or mental & emotional problems,

Your life may seem the opposite…

A merry-go-round of sameness.


Your struggles if life dont go away overnight,

And sometimes all we can do is tread-water

To keep ourselves from going under and drowning.

But here is the thing,

The rest of the world is still moving.


People are continuing to die, and to be born.

We may not notice how quickly those around us grow-up,

But they still do, none-the-less.

And when we stop to think about our own lives compared to theirs,

It seems you have missed nearly everything.


The woman besieged by depression.

The man recovering from addictions.

Anyone incarcerated.

And even the youth living on the streets.

What do you do when those you love “grow-on-by”?


You want to be a part of their lives,

But by the time your head is “above-water”,

Too much time is passed….

You don’t know where to start.

And it you feel powerless to ever recapture the lost time.

The greatest piece of wisdom I have ever heard in regard to this?

Write them a letter.

That’s correct.

A hand-written piece of paper with your thoughts and feelings spilled out.


Are you afraid to be open and honest?

Well, perhaps you will be more fearful at the prospect

That your loved ones may never come to know the feelings you hold inside for them.


What if you never get to tell them?

What if you can never physically find them?

What if you die in prison and never see them again?

Write the letter.

Do it now. Don’t wait, and don’t make excuses.


Fearful about sharing your internal struggles and demons?

Then don’t focus on writing about that… but don’t hide it either.

When you begin to write the letter, start off with what seem obvious - but too often goes unspoken.

In example:

"I miss you.

I love you.

I wish I could see you everyday.

My depression is keeping me from doing anything worthwhile,

So I want you to know this, I think about you everyday,

And I want to spend my time with you.

Someday I hope to get better,

But until then, know that I love you.”


This type of letter may seem pointless to you now,

But in time it could be the one thing that gives ‘peace’

to the child/parent/loved-one you are missing now.


Unsure about this approach?

Then look at it another way…

When you are “gone” and your life has ebbed away,

What will you have left behind for others to remember you by?


If there is one person you want to ever connect with,

Then write them the letter that can make all the difference is their life.


If you don’t know your child now,

Then start writing letters about what you would ask them.

What is their favorite color? Do they have a favorite subject in school?

Then include pieces of yourself that you always hoped to share with them:

“I always wanted to take you to…”

Or, “One of my favorite places is… and I hope someday we can see it together.”


Does this make sense to you now?

You have nothing to lose in writing these letters.

The worst part is doing nothing.

We believe wrongly that if we wait, things will work out.

Sometimes, they don’t.

But if you can leave one letter behind

that gives someone a different impression

of your affection and appreciation for them…

then do it now.

Because it is not too late!

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