Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Post: "Love Doesn't Come Naturally"

It isnt easy to always love other people.

They do so many things that ‘set us off’;

pressing our ‘buttons’ when we disagree,

being inconsiderate in traffic,

even lying about us when they speak with others.

Why do we have wars?

Why do we have murders and stealing?

What makes people so difficult to get along with??

Simpy said...

because we love ourselves more than others.

It wasnt what God intended.

He brought us into the world through the man - Adam.

We are unsure how long Adam was able to live in God’s perfect love

before making the choice to look for something “better”.

And isnt that what we often do with our own choices?

We look for something “better” than what we have now,

and in our own selfishness we decide,

that our well-being is more important,

our happiness, our time, our wealth & possessions.

So rather than letting love guide us,

we choose to give into our other natural instinct...


“If it is good to me, then it is meant to be.”


This is the opposite of what Christ taught us.

Jesus said we are to love others more than ourselves.

We are to let-go of bitterness & resentment,

and we are to practice forgiveness, even when it is painful.

Forgiveness requires us to love something and someone beyond ourselves.

Love doesn't come easy or naturally, and neither does forgiveness.

And when we allow this thinking into our lives,

it can permeate every thought, until it becomes our only instinct.

Why should I share a sale, my toys, or the road I drive?

Why should I forgive your unkind words?

Why should I give away my hard-earned money?

Why should I forgive you, when you wont see you that were wrong??

Lets take away the Words of God through Christ to answer this...

Because it is worth it.

Because in the “long-run”, you will feel better...

about yourself and the world you live in today.

There will be more people you can call friends,

and more people will come to know and trust you.

Does this mean when you are spoken of,

it will always be in kindness? No.

But you will be spoken of more kindly than ever before.

And in the end, you can have one thing more to hold...

that your adoption by God, and willingness to live as Christ did,

brings the world we live in to a better place

than when we practice what comes naturally...

our own self-interest.

The sinfulness and crimes of man may not disappear,

but God’s love in us will make what happens more bearable.


That love shared can help to heal us emotionally & physically,

it can help connect people, rather than separate us,

more love can help to reduce wars & crime,

and perhaps we will even gain a better understanding

of what God has intended for us in heaven,

 when we can once again live in His perfect love!


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