Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Post: "Change is Inevitable - and Can Be For Our Best Too!"

Wait... What?

Why does change have to occur?

And if it must, then why can it be for my best??

First, recognize that you cannot stop change.

So we are left with one choice-

learn how to deal with change,

or begrudgingly fight against it.

Second, understand & accept how much change occurs daily.

We often try to ignore change,

thinking it wont affect us if we dont acknowledge us.

But, the clock just changed.

And then it did it again, and again, and....

You are older now than you ever have been before.

You had no choice but to grow older.

You can doing nothing, but learn to work with it.


In fact, I propose that if ‘someone’ visited earth for the first time,

then returned every ten-years,

‘they’ would likely presume we are shape-shifters of some sort.

And that is because we are!

We dont remain as an infant, nor a toddler or young child.

We cannot live forever as a teenager, nor in our twenties & thirties.

In fact, we change pretty dramatically.


Which brings us to the third part today...

what will you do to prepare for

and accept the change in your life?

Remember, change cannot be stopped,

So, the smart things seems to be

that we think on it and take action.


One example is that I exercise now

for the grandchildren that are years away,

that I may play with and carry them when they arrive!


Another thing we can do is to prepare our hearts

for the attitude we have when change arrives.


Will you admit to the changes and learn to deal with it?

Will you see it as a challenge to overcome?

A road-bump to be endured?

Or a burden to be carried??


This year has been full of change for me,

and most of it has been amazingly good!

I am blessed by God!

Will this year’s success continue indefinitely? No.


So I continually seek God,

asking for His wisdom to fill me

that the Holy Spirit would guide me in my thoughts and actions,

no matter what is happening in my life!


This website is about to change too.

Posterous will close down in a few weeks,

and I may be unable to write

until I find a new place for hosting this page.

If you have ideas, then please send them!


Until then, can you think of any instances where a difficult change

has later become apparently good for you?

Think on it.

Struggles often give us clarity of thought,

and an increasing awareness of the possible through creativity.

What is becoming possible for you today,

in-spite of the challenges of change you face??

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