Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Post: “Refusing to Ask for HELP Denies Love”

Are you strong & independent?

A self-starter who can figure things out on your own?

Do people say you are “self-taught”?

On the outside, this all seems like something good.

However, one thing I have learned is this...

almost everything good in life

has an opposing element we fail to see.

And yet at the same time, the reverse is true too...

almost everything bad in life

has an element of good which we easily lose sight of.

Going back to how this post began;

How can your strength & independence,

your ability to start and finish things on your own,

and the ability to “learn-how” be negative or bad?

When our determination & persistence drives us,

the ability to “go-it-alone” can become a stumbling block,

because it denies others the chance to help us in life.

In the Bible, God tells us to help others, and especially our brothers,

so if your brother asks to help you,

and you deny him the opportunity,

in a way... you deny him to do what God has instructed.

To look at this another way,

who wins when we deny the assistance from someone else?

I can say confidently, it is not God.

Love does not grow in isolation.

To be more direct, what I mean here is this...

Satan wins more space in our lives

when we deny “love” a place to grow.

There is no appreciation for what our neighbor does,

because we have no “Thanks” to give.

Gratefulness loses ground in our hearts

because we have not allowed Gods love to show up

through the other people He puts in our lives.

“Going-it-alone” is a sure sign that our pride is taking over.

Why would Satan want this?

Pride means you know all you need.

You need no one else, and especially dont need God.

But again, this ‘vacuum’ allows no space

for any kind of close relationships with others.

It often takes more time to complete our tasks, alone.

We have to learn how to do something,

which someone else may already know how to do.

And when we think on it, it doesnt support community.


Do you want things to get better in society?

Try asking for help to do something,

then give out an abundance of grace, love, and thankfulness!


Let your light shine among men so that others know who you belong to.


When your loving appreciation shines bright for others,

will they see the joy which God has provided you?


Then... to withhold this light would be the opposite of what God wants.


Plus, allowing others to “Help-Out”

gives them the chance to feel good about themselves.

Do you want to deny this opportunity to them?

Choose love.


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