Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Post: "Are you only as good as your last success?"

We often hear that people see us and determine our worth

by what we have previously done, whether good or bad.


There is a saying which goes like this,

“past behavior is a good indicator of future results.”

In other words, we are never expected to improve,

but only to repeat ourselves over & over again.


We hear managers see us this way in a job interview.

But do you see this as true?

What is the last ‘thing’ you did?

How did it turn out?


The art you created,

the project you completed,

the last sale you closed,

or the youngest child who leaves home...

do these determine results make your future certain?

Undoubtedly I say, NO!


Even financial experts agree in this area...

that the previous economy and stock market will not continue

whether in a positive or negative direction.

Did you get that subtlety?

“it will not always continue in a positive or negative direction.”


What is “it” to you?

Is it your job?

Your health?

Your treatment by the people you report to?

Your family?

Let me set something up for today;

What is happening today,

may not be what continues to happen tomorrow.


And here is the catch...

You may be able to nothing to change it.


If your wife has decided to leave you,

there may be no way for you to change that.

If your boss is terrible to you,

you may not be able to improve the situation.

And this goes for your successes and failures.

The great book you wrote,

the sale you closed,

the 100% success rate you have accomplished,

none of these may ever return to you again.

“No matter how hard we try,

or how much effort we put forth-

No matter how determined we are,

there is a limit to what we can accomplish on our own”

... but God!

God knows what we need, even before we ask.

He knows how to provide good for us,

but He does not always hold back the bad.


In short, so that we learn to depend on Him more.


When you fail at something,

it is not an indicator of your future with God.


He loves, even when we fail to love the way we should.

God is waiting for us to return to Him.

He longs for us to lovingly seek Him.


Just like an athlete can improve when he puts in practice,

so we can develop a closer relationship with God when we seek after Him.


He is waiting to provide for us the good things He has in store,

yet we often forget to ask.

And often when we do ask, we forget to honor God by living for Him.


When God asks you to reach out and help someone else,

we can know He sees it.

But when we ask God, and fail to do what He has called us to,

then I wonder if we are setting up our next failure,

because in our hearts we can only see our own selfish desires.


Whether you have stumbled, or succeeded, seek God.

Ask what He wants next for your life.

Look for places to walk in His will.

Give of yourself to someone else...

your time, money, resources, or a helping hand.

Then place your faith in the One

 who can provide more than we can ever imagine!


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