Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Post: "The Fear of Being Forced to Change."

This week starts something new for me,
Posterous - the website where I have written and posted for almost three years
has shut down and turned off their service.

There are some other sites I can easily migrate to,
but a question arises;
Should I?

I wonder if the time for writing as a former prisoner,
with a criminal record that follows me and may never go away,
is it still relevant?

Is the story of my struggle
and my faith in God which has carried me through...
is it still important to write about?

Have I allowed this part of my life to define me for too long?
And, is it time to put it behind me and move forward with something new??

Seeking to know the will of God- an age old pursuit in itself,
but for me here and now, am I missing it?
Am I continuing down a path focused on a past which has been overcome?
Do I continue to define myself in a manner
for which Christ has forgiven me,
and thus is no longer a good and appropriate fit?

I dont have to have all the answers,
and I will never “know” everything,
so why should I let this change disrupt me?

You see, the question becomes less about our knowing the will of God,
and more about how we are faithful to Him.

I will continue to write because I believe God has put it on my heart to do so.
The Holy Spirit has yet to give me something new,
so I will be faithful in the area in which I have been placed.

My story is less about a criminal who went to prison,
and is more about the love of God at work in me.

It is less about my “description” as a former prisoner,
because it is all about Christ’s transformative power in my life.

I dont need to “figure it all out”,
but instead, I need to be faithful...
to represent Him wherever I go.
Not as a criminal, speaker, or writer,
but as a servant, as obedient, as saved!

When faced with a time of transformation,
who will you turn to?

Will it be your own definition of how things should become?
Or perhaps some illusive concept from the world?

Maybe it is time to let God tell you how to handle the change,
by resting in the promise of His love,
and a future in heaven for all eternity with Him!

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