Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Post: "The Role Your Past Plays Now"

Our past has turned into what we experience today.

The choices you have made in the events of your life
may have brought you kicking and screaming 
to the place where you are right now,
but tomorrow is a choice we have yet to make.

Let me be clear:
"Satan wants your past to limit your future."

This only happens when we let him win our thoughts.

First, we must where admit where satan is correct...
our yesterday has determined where we are today.
This may be a ‘figure-of-speech’
because I did not choose to be in prison,
but the choices I made brought me there.

Even after a year in prison,
I continued to remain there
because of the choice I made in the ”yesterday” of life.

Second, replace your old thoughts,

“The past can explain who we are today,
but it does not define us.”

Who defines what you will become?
Do You do this?
Does your family? Boss? Neighbors?
What about the parole officer?

Will you continue in your old-ways of thinking,
or will you decide to believe something new about yourself?

Who will you listen to??

Start with God.
You are His beloved.
He wants you to be part of His family for eternity.
You are not worthless in God’s eyes!

He has reserved a place for you,
because He places a value on you far beyond what you think of yourself!

Let God define who you are, and what you will become.

Place your faith in Him today, even if you struggle to believe.
That is how faith works...
we make the choice to place our faith in God’s idea of who we are,
and then we later believe when we see what He does with our lives!

Today, I am in a new place in life,
not because of anything special which I have done,
but because I have let God lead me.

I enjoy His blessing not because I deserve it,
but because I have sought Him,
and chosen to be obedient to His ways.

What will life bring for me tomorrow?
I dont know...
but I have faith in the God who provides,
more than I can ever think of or imagine!
Will you do the same?
Will you allow God to define what your life will become?
Start today with new thinking that brings freedom in Christ,
and you will find a tomorrow greater than anything you could create on your own!

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