Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Post: "What Do You Do In Your Struggles?"

Everyday life can be a struggle.
No one needs to tell you how difficult life can be.
The stress from each day builds, then...
one more thing is ‘added-on’ until we nearly explode, or fall apart.

So what are we supposed to do
in the middle of frustrating circumstances?

Coffee spills down your shirt in the morning before work.
Your checking account shows two withdrawals for the same charge.
Confusion at work leads to a misunderstanding you are blamed for.
The car gets towed because the parking spot was poorly marked.
Most of these are inconveniences.
Annoyances in that throw us askew in our daily lives.
But how are we supposed to handle the truly difficult ones?
The ones that knock the wind from our lungs until...
we are unsure if we can go on.

Your entire worksite is closed down unexpectedly, and everyone loses their job.
The person you are closest to in the world is claimed by cancer.
Child Protective Services takes away your child while they investigate reports of abuse.
You learn the injury to your foot is worse than previously indicated, and because the infection has grown so bad - it must now be amputated.

Where is the Lord in each of these situations?

Why does God allow life to be so unfair?!?!

First, the answer you dont want to hear is this...
no one will ever know for sure this side of heaven.

Second, what we do know will undoubtedly not be enough of an answer.

To start - God made the world perfect, but ever since “the fall”...
we have, and will continue to experience unsettling and painful lives.

Next, God allows us to experience these hardships to turn us back to Him.

We are not meant to live separate from His love,
and so God allows instances to happen which remind us
of our complete dependence on Him.

“Our lives are for a brief moment, and then no more.”

Will you allow your life to be ruled by the disasters which surround you?
Or will you trust that God has something better in mind?
Will the reminders of your frailty turn you back to Him?
Or will you “kick-and-scream” like a child,
saying aloud that you know better how life here should be??

Are you god?
And if not, then why should you know
that which has been untold to the rest of us?

Gods plan is not to harm you or me,
but to bring us into a deeper love relationship with Him...

“Rejoice Always.
Pray without ceasing.
In everything give thanks,
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

Will you trust that God knows best?

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