Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Post: "Believing in God’s Plan For Your Life."

Is it difficult to believe,
that the Creator of the Universe would have a plan for your life?

We get-up each day,
eat, drink, work, study, and care for others,
only to return to sleep each night,
and repeat the cycle again.

So, when do we see or hear from God?

How are we supposed to know His plans for us,
if He doesn’t send lightning and thunder?
If He doesn’t present us an Angel to herald the message??

I will add to this that each person has their own troubles.

We face the days ahead with uncertainty,
about having enough to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.
We worry with fear about the angry boss,
the abusive relative who injures others with words or physical abuse,
about the neighborhood where we live,
and the cruelty of the people in the world around us.

We have daily concerns about the health of our family members,
and wonder if we have enough inside us,
to continue in our life struggles for yet another day.

So then the question I ask now is...

with everything you face each day,
can God still use you?

We often expect that God will somehow make our lives better,
reducing all the trials we face to something insignificant,
before He tells us the plans He has for us.

In other words...

do you expect God to remove all your personal discomfort,
before He can use you in this world?

God has often told us through the bible and the prophets,
that to live for Him involves being obedient and doing what He asks,
beginning right where we are now.

When I went to prison,
I didnt ask God to make everything better 
before I could live for Him.
I could have waited for my eventual release date,
to do something which might glorify Him.
But instead, I made myself available right where I was located.
In that moment, and in that place,
I asked God where He wanted me to begin,
and I opened myself up to His guidance...
I didnt wait,
and I asked God how I could serve Him, 
right where I was.

And that is the beginning to knowing His plan for us...
by asking God how He wants us to live that day,
right where we are located.

Next week... Part 2: Moving Forward with God’s Plan for Life.

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